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Largest list of WordPress hosting service providers and companies. Compare and choose your best WordPress hosting plans basis low price, free Domain registration, Free SSL certificates, Money-back Guarantee and many other criteria.

WordPress hosting service providers & companies 2021


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Hostinger WordPress Hosting
2 years ago

Hostinger WordPress Hosting

$11.95 $2.15 -82%
Hostinger as A Website hosting provider company started its operations in 2004. As of now they have claimed to have served over 29 million users in 178 countries with a premium web hosting platform. Every day they get over 15k new sign-ups - that's 1 new client every 5 seconds!

Frequently asked questions about WordPress Hosting Service Providers and companies 2021

WordPress Hosting is a combination of two different things.

  1. WordPress – WordPress is a Website development software (a kind of tool) that makes building a website very easier for a common man. With the Help of WordPress anyone can create a website without any knowledge of Coding. It is said that more than 30% of total website on world is created on WordPress platform.

2. Hosting – Hosting or host is a server where a website is stored. A server is always online and is always connected to internet. whenever you open a website on internet, actually it is served from a remote server (Host) within fraction of seconds.

In Order to make a WordPress hosting, in general you need a WordPress hosting provider.

In the simplest sense, WordPress hosting is just a hosting that has been optimized to better meet WordPress’ performance and security needs. It also typically includes one-click WordPress installs to make it easy to get started with WordPress.

Each WordPress hosting provider has different pricing. They even have different WordPress hosting plans. The pricing depends on many factors such as SSD storage offered, Bandwidth, number of website that you want to host etc.

WordPress as a software is free for you to download and use. However, to use WordPress on the web, you will need WordPress Hosting.

A WordPress hosting provider may offer more then one hosting plan. In order to choose the best plan for you, you must evaluate a plan as a package. Please look for following offerings-

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free domain registration
  • Money back guarantee offered
  • Usage of subdomains
  • What is the renewal cost. Sometimes the first year hosting cost may be very less and affordable but renewal cost may be higher

In order to make your website on WordPress, The Hosting services can be categorized in two parts

  1. A Web hosting service with One-click WordPress Install– In this kind of Website you first buy a web hosting then install WordPress yourself. Generally, It is not very difficult to install WordPress, yet it takes bit of effort.
  2. A Hosting service customized for WordPress (commonly referred as WordPress Hosting)– This kind of hosting comes with WordPress auto install. That mean you don’t need to install wordpress yourself. These services are designed in such a smooth way that post purchase of WordPress Hosting plans and account creation, The WordPress would be automatically installed.

Hence, the second type of Web hosting service or WordPress hosting is better for WordPress websites.

In order to choose the best WordPress hosting provider, a WordPress hosting provider must be evaluated on following parameter-

  1. Price & Plans – How much does it cost to you, You should look for cost of the fresh plans as well as the the renewal cost.
  2. Hosting package -What Items are included in the the plans are very important. some of the important items are SSD storage, number of websites that can be hosted. Number of subdomain that it can accommodate etc..
  3. Server Location- You should look for a server which is near to your targeted audience.
  4. Customer Service – By how many ways can you reach to your service provider is very important. A ideal hosting provider must have Live chat support, 24X7 Helpline number , email channel etc.
  5. Hosting features – Few of the very important features are Automatically back-up (Daily, Weekly, Monthly), Website migration assistance, CDN etc.
  6. Speed – The hosting with better speed will increase customer experience and it would increase SEO of your website hosting on faster host.
  7. Reliability- What is the uptime of your server. Most of the host claim that they offer more than 99% uptime guarantee. That means their server were up and running 99 days out of last 100 days.

There are many more factors that helps you to find best WordPress hosting for you.

The best way to find best WordPress hosting provider for you is to list down your requirement and than evaluate from our website. As your can filter and short the WordPress hosting provider in many parameter.

It is not very difficulty to find the best WordPress hosting for you. If you are confused about the WordPress hosting that suites your requirements then do this quick excersize.

1. Define yourself – You are first timer or a frequent website creater. A first timer must not go for a costly or premium  WordPress hosting plan because you would be learning lot of things. Your requirment may change over the time. Most of the WordPress hosting service providers offer basic plans for beginners and also have easy adjustable upgrade plans.

2. Analyze your traffic requirement – If your blog or website is about a niche then go for basic plans that have limitted bandwidth. Because it is unlikely that you get sudden heavy traffic. It will take sometime for you to attract traffic.

However, If you already have some followers in other platform such as facebook, twitter, youtube or tiktok and now you want to have a website as well then you must choose a plan that have higher bandwidth or unlimited bandwidth. Because there is a good probability that your website may get sudden traffic.

3. Know the geographical location of your most of the customers- If your website or blog is targetted to a particular country or subcontinent then look for a WordPress service provider that can offer hosting services in the country of your target audience. It will increase the speed your website and hence it will be better for SEO.

However if your target audience may come from any part of the word then choose a cloud hosting with CDN. And make sure that your hosting provider have servers in almost every continent of the world.

4. Know your usage – if you are a reseller or a agency or planning to start such kind of business then go for a premium type of WordPress hosting that offers unlimited website and unlimited subdomains. It will help to maintain multiple websites for your business

Storage (Disk Space) is the size of total files you can store on your WordPress hosting server general counted in GB. It includes every type of data & files HTML files, website pages, database, videos, Images etc.

Bandwidth is the amount of data you can to transfer to and from your WordPress server per month generally counted in GB.

Transfer includes uploading the data in server and downloading from servers from each mode both HTTP and FTP.

Important Tip-A WordPress website with videos, heavy images needs a Web hosting with high transfer and high storage. High Bandwidth would be needed with increase in web page size, the number of visitors to your WordPress website and the number of pages they visit are high.

The best WordPress hosting for personal blogging would be the hosting plan that have basic features of the WordPress hosting such as-

  1. The hosting must have “Pre-installed WordPress” of “One-click WordPress install”. So that you don’t have to bother too much in order to these basic setting
  2. The WordPress must offer you freebies like “Free domain” and “free SSL certificates”. It will save some cost to you. A SSL certificate is more important for SEO for a personal blogger.
  3. The hosting should not be costlier
  4. There should be good tutorials in the website of the hosting provider so that a personal blogger can learn settings & other related stuff related to WordPress website creation.

In our website, We have listed many WordPress hosting providers and companies . These hosting can be filtered & shorted basis many attributes of WordPress hosting including above.

If you want to choose the best WordPress WordPress host in 2020 then please look for the below features in the Hosting serivce provider ( these are over and above the other important features like price, reliability, uptime Etc.)

  1. SSD – SSD stands for Solid State Drive. You must choose a WordPress hosting provider who offers SSD hosting. SSD servers are latest storage hardware and these are faster and more secure in comparison to traditional disk drive.
  2. WordPress hosting on cloud platform- Cloud is the latest technology in hosting field. A cloud server is better as far as speed, security and flexibility is concerned. It is better to look for a WordPress hoating that comes with Cloud hosting platform.

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