How to choose best website hosting provider ?

There are many criteria to choose best website hosting provider for you. Some of the basic criterias are-

  1. Uptime – It determines that for how long the website hosting services are up in past few days. For example- if a hosting provider claims that its uptime in 99.9% that ,means in past few days his services are up for 99.9% time.
  2. Number of visits – A hosting provider may limit number of visitors in your website basis the plan you select. Generally a web host with unlimited monthly visits would be considered to be best website hosting service provider. However it may cost you more.
  3. Bandwidth – It determines that how much data request your host can give you in a particular time. Mean your website hosting provider should be able to serve a large visitors at the same time. A website hosting provider would be good of its plans can offer unlimited bandwidth. However if you are new website creator or want to start a blog for the first time them you may choose for limited bandwidth option that cost less.
  4. Free stuff- You must choose a website hosting provider that may offer free stuff with hosting packages. Some of the most common and useful stuffs are Website hosting with free domain and free SSL certificate.
  5. Money back guarantee – A host that offer Money back guarantee is always give some protection and considered to be a reliable hosting provider.

You can visit the Website hosting providers and companies page to filter and compare the Web hosting providers basis above criterias.


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