What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting or Website hosting is a combination of two different things.

  1. Website – A website is what you see when you type a URL, address or Domain on internet. A website is created using web development language such as HTML, PHP etc. There are some easy-to-use software are also very popular to create a website. WordPress, Joomla, Wix, etc. are commonly use to create a Website. WordPress is most popular and widely adopted Website development software (a kind of tool) that makes building a website very easier for a common man. With the Help of WordPress anyone can create a website without any knowledge of Coding. It is said that more than 30% of total website on world is created on WordPress platform.

2. Hosting – Hosting or host is a server where a website is stored. A server is always online and is always connected to internet. whenever you open a website on internet, actually it is served from a remote server (Host) within fraction of seconds.

In Order to make a website live on internet you need to platform like WordPress, PHP, HTML or you should know coding and you need a host.

A web hosting service provider may provide both and the service is commonly known as Web hosting or website Hosting.


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